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1. What materials are used to make your collars?
Our collars have a martingale polypropylene or nylon webbing base with cotton fabric sewn on top. The cotton fabric is what produces the great designs on our collars. All collars are washable. Just throw the collar in with your wash and hang to dry.

2. What sizes are available from CollaroftheMonthClub.com? Any size can be made. I've even made a 26" collar for a giant Saint Bernard! All of our collars are 1.5" wide. The length is dependent on your dog. Please measure around your dogs neck where you want the collar to lie and that is the size to select.

3. How much do CollaroftheMonthClub.com collars cost?
Single collar cost $18.00 plus tax and shipping. Our 12 month set is $150.00 plus tax and shipping.

4. For what breeds are CollaroftheMonthClub.com collars designed?
Though sighthounds make up the majority of our customers, all breeds can wear our collars. Martingale collars are ideal for dogs who may attempt to back out of a regular collar.

5. How can I contact CollaroftheMonthClub.com?
Since I am currently a one-person show, my preferred method of contact is via email. An email form to contact us can be found at the CUSTOMER SERVICE link on the left side of this page. If you have trouble with this form, I can be emailed directly at support@collarofthemonthclub.com. I check this account daily and always try to response within 24 to 48 hours.

6. How do I order?
Links to our shopping cart software are provided throughout our site and a VIEW CART button is always located on the left side of the screen. Our checkout mechanism uses Paypal for payments. Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your order. We usually ship within a week.

7. What if I'm unhappy with my collar or it doesn't fit my dog?
Although we hope this never happens, mistakes do occur in coloring and sizing. Please contact us via our CUSTOMER SERVICE page if you are unhappy in any way with the product you've received.
NOTE: PayPal, Credit Card and shipping fees are NOT refundable.

8. Is CollaroftheMonthClub.com affiliated with any Greyhound adoption/rescue groups?
Although the owners of CollaroftheMonthClub.com are greyhound owners, CollaroftheMonthClub.com is an independent company.

9. Does CollaroftheMonthClub.com donate any profits to Greyhound adoption/rescue groups?
CollaroftheMonthClub.com donates a portion of collar sales to Greyhound support groups.

10. How does CollaroftheMonthClub.com safeguard my personal and credit card information?
CollaroftheMonthClub.com has adopted a privacy policy that can viewed by clicking on our Privacy Policy link.

11. Is bulk pricing available? No, not at this time.

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